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Discarded Glove

After dinner on my first evening, as I made my way back along the dimly lit route, I saw what appeared to be a discarded glove, lying on a rock.

A crumpled cigarette pack, a discarded glove, a still-damp paper cup. Place these in your golden box, take them home, and create an altar.

A photograph from 1944 shows a discarded glove lying on the wharf planks with the fingers twisted, as if pointing toward the sea.

In the 1960s, U.S. tracking systems monitored an American astronaut’s discarded glove, before it eventually returned to Earth.

Is the green fleck of paint on the garden fence of relevance to the crime? Is the discarded glove in the flowerbed?

While waiting to meet his sweetheart under the old oak tree, the singer comes across a note left for him next to her discarded glove.

When police inspected the discarded glove, they found the tip of his finger inside. After retrieving a fingerprint, they shortly had the robber in custody.

To know that a departing soul does not need a physical body. In the hereafter, the soul will not need a body any more than a hand needs a discarded glove.


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