In an article entitled Have a Little Gum With Your Poetry, from today’s Chicago Tribune: “Last week McDonald’s announced a major redesign of its packaging. Part of the new approach will incorporate ‘storytelling,’ company executives said. The announcement got us thinking: Exactly what kinds of stories might these packages tell? Who would write them? And might the practice spread to other products?”

They offer a number of examples, including this ‘ingredient list for a chocolate bar’, imagined as if Bob Dylan had taken a crack at the copy:

“Just like your congressman, may contain nut traces, cacao from foreign places, krispies in the spaces, look out kid, the sugar’s overdid, 15 grams of fat and they keep it all hid, now here comes the zit, now look at what you did to it, no trace of nutrition and the milk is from perdition.”

I wonder: what would corporate poegles look like?  What would search phrases like “the last time I ate McDonald’s” produce?  A bonus plastic segmented jump rope to the poegler who produces the first poegle about a brand.


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