A late submission in last week’s Friday Poegle Contest, for which the theme was ‘brothers and sisters’.  An interest take on the subject at hand…..

DNA Transcription

A gene is required.
Xenopus, Maxwellian demons,
Topology of promoter unwinding,
Neural network, self-organizing map.

Senescent rat heart.
A multienzyme complex transcribes
PEACE peptide, serotonin wreath,
A protein complex known as FACT.

Unzip the helix.
Two intertwined strands,
Cis- and trans-acting elements cooperating,
In the heart of the cell’s nucleus.

Unfurl the tightly wound DNA.
So-called endogenous retroelements,
The short-lived messenger,
The flow of information.

HU exerts a stimulatory effect on X,
Takes place at a subset of PML,
Moves to the ribasomes.
Bond vibrations, immobilized microspheres.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae,
Monolayer protected gold clusters,
Mutagen hydroxylamine.
The resultant DNA inserts itself. Stop codon.

By Jamie B in Brooklyn (search phrase “dna transcription”)


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