How I Got Burned

Cassie got burned last night when her boyfriend called her flat.
“Oh, you got burned!”
Steve got burned today.
All he needed to do was listen.
My brother got burned.
He got burned before, so now he’s scared.

When Little Rock got burned, it learned.
Retailers chased rooftops.
And this little piggy got burned.

The omelet got burned.
A few minutes too late.
“When you burn the omelet, you don’t serve it.”

Bruno got burned trying to pick the time lock.

In Beijing, a Chinese bride burned her new husband to death.
“Finally! I hope you’re alright now,” she says.
Stanley, Donovan and Ling were cooked by the jet fuel fire.
They didn’t see it coming.

Recently, my other brother Phil gave me a box that wound up with him some years ago, when our mom died.
They never could have imagined.
A slide down memory lane reminds me I got burned.

Anything that got burned needs to go and everything else needs to be washed down or sealed or you will never get that smell out of there.
Do the right thing.
Leave the butter in the fridge; the best thing you can do is quickly put ice water on it.
Not ice; ice water.

The baby got burned to death in Gaza.

We got burned one too many times!
Side swiped. Duped. Taken.

My house got burned down and I have no place to live.
Would you accept me in your house?

P.s. I am writing this from the library.

-Laura in Chicago (search phrase “how I got burned”)


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