Yesterday at Salomon Arts in Tribeca, we hosted a presentation about the history of poegles alongside the closing of an exhibition of graphic art installation.  Two individuals in the crowd volunteered their names, and Dave ‘live-poegled’ a quick prose poem portrait by searching the phrase “the last time i saw….”.  Here are the results.

The Last Time I Saw Rachel

“I can still remember the last time I saw Rachel. I was going through the last few weeks of basic training and had been going to chapel every day. It was a few days before Christmas. She was in an advert for one of those insurance companies. I was wearing a oversized faded bikini kill t-shirt and desperately in need of affordable health care. She looked so wonderful. I was swept off course by her sexual magnetism. She was enshrouded in the mist I now realised had also been encapsulating me at the time. I’m not sure when I’m going to see her again.

The Last Time I Saw Ryan

The last time I saw Ryan was during my cotillion days. He was screwing up lyrics on stage and taking frequent breaks to go backstage. I was two months pregnant. He was prancing around in a red velvet jacket doing some weird kind of Noel Coward impersonation. He told me how excited he was move back to Utah, close to family. We spent the day daydreaming about the other and not paying attention in class. It was the week before our high school graduation, in fact.

-Editor (search phrases “the last time i saw rachel” and “the last time i saw ryan”)


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