Yesterday at Salomon Arts in Tribeca Justin and Dave celebrated the closing of Ah Pook is Here: The Lost Art of William S. Burroughs and Malcolm McNeill with a reception and a presentation on found poetry in honor of Burroughs and his “cut-up method” of writing.  As proponents of a new kind of ‘cut-up’ method of found poetry using internet search results, we were extremely excited to demonstrate our craft in the presence of work by the cut-up’s most famous proponent, William Burroughs. Participants were invited to view the exhibition and participate in a discussion about found poetry and the new art of using internet search results to create poems.  

Click on pictures below for full images.

To read more about Malcolm McNeill’s project with William Burroughs, visit RealityStudio for an interview with McNeill.

Poegles would like to thank Rodrigo and Gigi Salomon for making this event possible- for welcoming us in off the street and allowing us to use their incredible space.


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