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This site lets you generate a google poem automatically using a handful of functions.  You can even generate them into forms like sonnets or pantoums.

“The Google poem generator uses a standard server-side component to get the desired Google pages in the background. The pages are then parsed according to pre- and user-defined parameters. The techniques involved include Microsoft IIS5 web server and Active Server Page 3.0 scripting engine with VBScript. Please note that the parsing is based on knowledge about the present Google html, so if they change their presentation logic, the generator is bound to produce ‘unpredictable results’ ;-).”

The site seems to be abandoned, but the tools still work- poeglers will enjoy giving it a go.  There are some collected examples, including this one, which I enjoy:

Paavo Heinonen: Come here, Watson, I need You

“Mr. Watson.
Here. I

Bell and the Invention of the Telephone
Transmission from vehicles was difficult:
to make transmitters small

here! I!

Alexander Graham Bell has worked on technology
basically all of his life. From when
he helped his father on creating sign

Watson –
here –
… So that’s why I write “Watson –
here – I…


Category: Notes to Self. I’m playing with
how WP 1.5 works with podcasts,
The road through the forest of telecom
providers is neither straight nor easy,
but here is the map to the best deal.
Here, I Need
A couple of years ago, I was discussing the
timeliness of training with a colleague. See
said to me, “It would be ideal if we
NET SURF. Curling Up to a Uniform
Addressing System – Serf No More!
Does It Make Census? High Signal, Low
Noise. Mr.

Here. I Need!

Here, I Want

Valuation Graph for
Links for
(Click on image for larger version)
The first words in cyberspace then would be
“Watson. I.”

How human can
get? Poetic as this scenario would be, Bell’s phone of 1876
Paavo Heinonen is a Finnish poet and activist of Huutomerkki, an Oulu-based writer’s society.


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