Ramblings of a Geek Hacking for Christ

Condomania lives.
Couples pack their separate cars.
Mobile Manor is the next trailer park casualty.

Sonny James, I wish it hadn’t happened.

Remember the man caught in a vacuum
sex act that got him 90 days in prison?
Maybe he came back under a different name.
Blessed are those who go in circles.
I’m tired of my room smelling like Bengay.
I’m tired of watching nipples that aren’t mine.

I am the great broken pecker.
I used to believe
in an omnipresent Trotsky force,
and laugh at internet dating, flyfishing,
Woody Allen’s failed romantic comedies.
I used to hum along to
Sinatra covers in our elevators,
and watch sportspub brawls.

Last week the Knicks proved
there is no such thing as a rebuilding year.

Maybe I’ll turn Bedouin,
travel to the outskirts of the Haraldskær marsh,
watch the sky for comet Lulin,
and the mystery of a shrinking violet zodiac.

-Chad in Virginia Beach (search phrase “i wish i hadn’t”)


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