Losing My Patience

I am rapidly losing patience in too many endeavors at once for my liking.

why do little girls have coach bags? im losing my patience with this neighborhood

China’s getting fed up of North Korea. Quickly losing patience.

Did we just not have this same conversation about meeting your deadlines for me?? Didn’t we? Losing my patience. SHIT! Time is $$!

i’m losing my patience. i mean, i just came here to bounce!

is losing his patience with the dog next door

i’m losing patience with my hair

Filming a french film all day in Glasgow. Got home to find the letter of vital importance still hasn’t arrived yet! I’m losing all patience.

That’s me in the corner of Starbucks, losing my patience with shrill, overcaffeinated teenagers.

I’m losing my patience tonight. Guess I can’t be Mr. Right all the time

Losing patience with people who advertise webinars but don’t use the medium appropriately/well!

Just an inch away from losing my patience. PARTAYYY TONIGHT, with my injured leg 😐

Ya’ll keep sayin give the old people a pass; I’m losing patience! Its ’bout to get real raw if they don’t knock it off

Seem to be having a day of losing things, the top to my moisturiser, my phone (temporarily), my voice, the plot, my patience……

 -Editor, Twitter search phrase “losing my patience”


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