Jellyfish Clouds

Rare cirrostratus galactic molecular clouds known
as Altocumulus Castellanus with trailing Virga
have caused a sensation after being spotted

for the first time in a decade.
The sea and the sky are now complete.
I’m seeing the bottom part of a low cloud

interacting with a very different air layer just
below it. The sky has been ugly all day, plagued
with abnormal shaped jellyfish clouds floating around.

This place has been here for years, I remember
some time ago…

[photographed on Wednesday evening 20 May 2009]

Apparently these are not unique.
Stunned weather-watchers flash, nude.
We are in the middle of the strait separating

the islands of Flores and Knox County, Ohio.
It finally moved towards the bank of clouds
above Onezskoe Lake, burned a red hole

in the shining jellyfish west of Petrosavodsk.
There is land above the wing now.
And though we chased the sun at 516 mph,

It got to the horizon first.

-Michael J. Alfaro is publisher and editor of Silenced Press.  (search phrase “jellyfish clouds”)

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