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April 2009

Dear Diary by Donna in Napoleon, Ohio

Why Can’t I Forgive You by Andy from Chicago

It’s a Great Way to Start My Day by Jay in New York

Synchronicity by Polly in Virginia

Description: augmented fantasy between Birth and Dying

(bop bop) Myth and Resurrection by Ashley in Henrico

Smoother Than by Jessica in Washington

Kitchen Chairs by Judi in Ohio

March 2009

Attitude That Kills by Nicole

The Virus of Hypocrisy by Nicole in New Jersey

Don’t Flash That Light Anymore, Honey by Judith in Canada

I Hate Squirrels by Andy in Chicago

A Matter of the Heavens by Andy in Chicago

I Pretended Not to See by Melissa in Brooklyn

She Was So Tired by Angelique in Vermont

Into the Mist by Kelly

Dark Corner by Jeanette in Vermont

Irish Dawn by Nicole in Massachusetts

Dusk in the Desert by Heather in New Hampshire

The Great Repression by Russell K.

Number Theory GMAT by Daria in Foster City, CA

August Spies a Bad Moon Rising by Andrew in Ohio

If I Had an Abortion by Margaret in Richmond

Music Drifts Through The Night by Jessi in Tennessee

My Trout by Jamie in Brooklyn

When Knowing the Vocab is Half the Test by Andrew in Ohio

February 2009

When Knowing the Vocabulary is Half the Test by Andrew in Ohio

Rebecca Broke My Heart by Andrew in Ohio

The Universe Waits by Randy & Trena in Nebraska

On the 869 by Sam in Houston

Pretty Baby by Jessi

An Important Archaeological by Megan in New York

Magnifisyncopathological by Caroline in Richmond

I Am No Michaelangelo by Margaret in Richmond

Sparkles of Sunshine by Ben in Charlotte

Emboldened Rock Outcroppings by Bill in Richmond

I Was There When She Died by Nate in Elmhurst

Love Poegle by Jack

Round Room by Bernie in Ohio

At the Edge of the Park by Jamie in Brooklyn

January 2009

You Are Entering by Julie in DC

Living in Sin by Julie in DC

Like Riding a Bike by Brad on the Upper West Side

Marriage by Polly in Virginia

Brushing Cornflower Blue by Dan in Alabama

The Thinking Cowboy by Editor

Love Poem by Kirby Q

The Bright Bulb of Idea by Dan in Alabama

Dear Barack Obama by Editor

Next Time You Come by Brad on the Upper West Side

How I Got Burned by Laura in Chicago

Big Slobbery Dogs by Scott in Pennsylvania

A Shortage Of by Brad on the Upper West Side

The Last Time I Saw Billy by Editor

December 2008

We Looked All Over by Julian in Vancouver

The Lightbulb Burst by Suzanne from VCU

She Wandered the City by Jamie B in Brooklyn

The Umbrella Opened by Suzanne at VCU

The Devil’s Drink by Jessica in Brooklyn

The Last Time I Saw My Phalanges from a student at VCU

The Human Fantasy by Brad on the Upper West Side

DNA Transcription by Jamie B in Brooklyn

The Woods Behind Our House by Bob in Pennsylvania

We Made A Fort by Darren in Alabama

For a Sibling by Brad on the Upper West Side

On the Moons of Jupiter by Jeff in Massachusetts

From the Shuttle Window by Lauren in Wisconsin

November 2008

The Hesitant Heart by Pete A in San Fran

Maternal Instincts by Brad on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

Night Light by Ron Diorio in Washington Heights

Six Little Marks on the Ground, Six Lanterns Hanging on Six Ropes by Emily from Virginia

Losers by Kari from Virginia

Give Up by Kate from Pennsylvania

I Like Front Farts by Maribeth in Brooklyn

Cue Card Wisdom by Grace from Maryland

Bam! by Gabby from Massachusetts

Third Party Observer by Jess from Pennsylvania

Survivor by Jessica from Virginia

Inconsistency by Shawna in Virginia

Forrest Gump by Allie from Connecticut

It Happened So Slowly, She Didn’t Notice by Kylee from Massachusetts

Simple as Can Be by Jordan in Virginia

Four Nights of a Dreamer by Amy Keresztes in Boston

How to be a Gracious Loser by Ann Marie in Brooklyn

Leaving Alaska by Jamie B. in Brooklyn, NY

Black & Blue by Ryan V. in Brooklyn, NY

Soul Seeds by John in Virginia

Digital Skin by John in Virginia

Cryogenic Stars by John in Virginia

Something Smells by Emily in Charleston, SC

Yes I Can by Monsieur Kerwin in New Jersey

If All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail by Nat A. in New York

October 2008

I swear, upon by Campbell in PA

Extreme volatility by Liz in PA

My first thought by JOH in New York

Dick Fuld Sucks by Ryan V. in New York

Economic Crisis by Jamey H. in New York

Dolce Far’Neinte by Polly in Virginia

There Was No Guesswork by Jon F. in DC

First Kiss in the Park by Andrew in DC