Team of Mavericks,

The state of our union is strong.  Our call for poegles on the theme “My Mother” drew many fine poegles this week, none finer than Maternal Instincts by Brad on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Brad, get ready to get your Miss Mary Mack on because you just won a plastic segmented jump rope.  Nor could we close this first paragraph of our weekly newsletter without acknowledging the latest dynamite poegle from Polly in Virginia, Visiting the Lost City, and a fine collage by Jamie in Brooklyn, My Mother Always Wore.  Our thanks to you all.

The theme for this week’s contest is “Lost in Space.”  Perhaps you saw our notice yesterday of the astronaut whose tool bag drifted off into the ether during her spacewalk.  Apparently the astronaut in question, Ms. Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, took the loss hard:  “There’s still the psychological thing of knowing that we made a mistake and having to live through that,” she reportedly said.  We can only assume that her anxiety was the result not of the pecuniary loss of the tool bag, which apparently contained a couple of grease guns and other odds and ends worth a paltry $100,000, but by the unavoidable contemplation of the infinite that such an occasion would unavoidably cause.

Well, cheer up Ms. Stefanyshyn-Piper.  For all you do, this poegle’s for you.  Possible search phrases for the Friday Poegle Contest might include “once orbit is achieved,” “the man in the moon,” and “to count the stars.”

And finally, don’t forget to track Justin’s progress in bringing poetry to our nation’s schools by growing a handsome mustache

With that, happy poegling!

Best regards,

The Editors


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