Selections from the editors’ book Poegles: A Short History and Collection.

“Research has shown that ballads were produced by all of society working as a team. They didn’t just happen. There was no guesswork.”

-John Ashbery, “Hotel Lautreámont”

I. The Eternal

When I Met God | In My Previous Life | Eight Problems with Jesus

II. In Early Days

To Read the Ancient Map | Portrait of Bedouin Life | Before the War

III. Mysteries

Barber’s Assistant | Discarded Glove | I Realized My Mistake

IV. The American South

Being from Texas | Riding the Greyhound | Fifteen Things I Forgot to Pack

V. Outer Space

My First Telescope | My Trip to the Moon | Obscure Constellation

VI. The Last Time I Saw You

The Last Time I Saw Jennifer | The Last Time I Saw Chris | The Last Time I Saw Dad

VII. Travels

As the Night Wore On | There is a Saying in Russia | In Spite of the Hour

VIII. A Return Home

After the Memorial Service | Slender Volume | My Heart Remembers

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